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IDR 55.000

Served with baguette garlic butter

IDR 83.000

Traditional Italian spicy pasta with seafood, garlic, chili flake and baguette garlic butter

IDR 135.000

Slow cooked pork ribs in herbal aromatic broth, baby potato, mix lettuce, served homemade BBQ sauce.

IDR 115.000

Grill Pan barramundi steak, mashed potato, sauteed local vegetables & prawn bisque

IDR 265.000

Grilled sirloin beef Served with sauteed vegetables, mash potato and black pepper sauce

IDR 90.000

Beef satay in sweet, sour sauce served with rice cake & condiment

IDR 135.000

Slices beef, slices chicken, chicken sausage, mix capsicum, onion, and mozzarella

IDR 83.000

Crème pasta with beef bacon, egg yolk, parmesan cheese and baguette garlic butter

IDR 98.000

Clear beef oxtail soup, potato, tomato served with fragrant steamed white rice & sambal

IDR 55.000

Chicken mushroom gyoza, chili oil sauce & spring onion

IDR 105.000

Stir fried beef, onion, capsicum in homemade black pepper sauce served in the hot plate

IDR 55.000

2 pcs Beef patty, 2 melted cheese, sesame milk bun, French fries